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A brush set that contains 10 brushes and the Flocked Sponge.

  • The Handi Brush - A flat-headed, long-bristled synthetic brush that's luxuriously soft and gives even coverage for pressed powders.
  • Angle Liner/Brow Brush - A short, slanted synthetic brush that can be used for shading brows or for eyeliner.
  • Camouflage Brush - A small, flat brush that can be used with any cream-based products. Redesigned with shorter fibers and a more narrow width for smooth and precise concealer application in the narrowest areas of the face.Aids in reducing product usage and prevents creasing as a result.
  • Sculpting Brush - A small, flat-headed, dense, synthetic brush. Gives even blending of a small amount of liquid, cream or gel product onto the skin.
  • Crease Brush - A soft, long, tapered eye shadow brush. Perfect for layering, blending and adding definition. Best brush for placing pigment and building intensity - This brush allows you to layer and blend pigment to your desired look. Redesigned with a more bulbous middle and tapered tip for a perfectly blended, defined crease.
  • Foundation Brush - A large, flat brush with medium density bristles. Perfect for applying any liquid foundation, gel or cream. Ideal for use with any liquid foundation, gel or cream product but also an ideal blush brush for achieving more intense colour. Redesigned with a more narrow profile and shorter bristles for added control in application.
  • Deluxe Shader Brush - A brush designed with flat, medium-density, and medium-length fibers. Use for the softest, smoothest shading around the eyes and for colour matching. Redesigned with slightly shorter fibers to make colour application more clean and precise.
  • Blending Brush - A luxuriously soft brush designed for both powder and cream-based products. Made from synthetic fibers.
  • Chisel Powder Brush - A long, full, synthetic brush with medium-density bristles. The optimal brush for our loose powders.
  • White Fan Brush - A luxuriously, fan-shaped synthetic brush. Designed for blush, bronzer and shimmer powders.
  • Flocked Sponge - Synthetic and non-latex. Sponge with a nap that glides across the skin. Use to apply and blend minerals.

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  • Ingredients: synthetic fibers

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  • This product is vegan and gluten free


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